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June 29, 2016

Molten Nutella Lava Cake

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Molten Nutella Lava Cake Recipe - Well its a small (for 1 or 2) serving Chocolate Lava Cake baked with an extra ingredient Nutella. Being a Nutella Lover i will post more recipes on Nutella in coming months and extremely love Lava Cakes because of its runny smooth and gooey texture. This Molten Nutella Chocolate Lava Cake recipe is so easy to make with a few number of ingredients. You can easily satisfy your sweet cravings with this small Chocolate Lava Cake

This Nutella Lava Cake recipe went perfect for both of us, for me and my husband. Let's hop over to the detailed recipe, do send me feedback how would it turn out...

February 16, 2016

10 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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Whenever we talk about the Dark Chocolate, Cocao and Cocoa, so many questions always come to your mind like; Which is the Healthiest Chocolate? What is the Difference between Cocoa and Cocao? Is Cocoa and Cocoa good for you ? Which one is best for you? What is the Difference between Cocoa and Cocao? What are its health benefits?

Ok, so Cocao Beans are found inside the fruit of a tree which is the real source of both Cocao and Cocoa Powders, basically Cocao is the raw form of your Dark Chocolate. Later on, these Cocao beans are harvested, dried and processed into a form of Cocoa Powder. So which is the purest form among these? The answer is Cocao, because while processing Cocao Beans to Cocoa Powder, these beans lost so much of its nutritional benefits. Most Cocoa powders have additives like sweeteners or Cocoa Butter.

February 13, 2016

Heart Ombre Cake

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Heart Ombre Cake | Healthy eating - Interestingly it is a Diet Cake for those who always prefer healthy eating and avoid artificial sweeteners. I always prefer healthy eating and clean eating always result best for your body and mind. You may make this diet vanilla, chocolate and coffee ombre cake for your loved ones who cant take white sugar, just may be because of doctor prescription or weight loss cause . Though in this case, it can't replace honey or dates but still far better than white sugar if taken in small quantity. This beautiful and attractive Ombre Cake decorated with pretty roses is best for Birthdays, weddings, Valentine, Christmas, Eid, festival or some occasion at your place. This is done with a complete tutorial with step by step pictures and a video too. By following all the steps by reading it carefully you can make a professional Ombre Cake for your family and friends. My Last video of Pink Rose Ombre Cake was a hit among all my members, sharing it again. Let's hop over to its detailed recipe:-

February 11, 2016

Party Doughnuts


Party Doughnuts Recipe - These Fancy Donuts were made truly soft, delicious, simple and easy for your parties and festivals. You can decorate your doughnuts with Chocolate glaze or with any colored glaze you like. These cute Party Doughnuts also best in Christmas, Eid, Valentine parties which you can easily make at your home either by Baking or Frying. Well,it's a fried Donut recipe. Previously i have shared Low fat Baked Doughnuts and Munchkins if anyone is on diet, you could prefer those. But if there is some Party scheduled at your place just forget about the weight loss prefer to enjoy these beautiful and colored doughnuts. At the bottom of the post, you will find my other collections of Doughnuts, Mocha, Chocolate and baked ones. Let's hop over to the recipe

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